Saturday, May 16, 2009

Gilroy, near phantom curve

If I remember correctly, I was on my way to a Deftones show in Northern California. Driving on a favorite route of mine (152 pacheco pass- usually boring for most people). Near Gilroy I caught a glimpse of some flower plantations on the side of the hill. I stop to see If I could frame a good picture. I was armed with a 35mm film camera and a few rolls of black and white film. I tried finding a safe place to pull over, but it took almost 1/2 a mile. I pulled in to a small dirt driveway that lead to nowhere and looked back to find this scene.
At the time I had access to a dark room. I ended up adding the clouds from a different picture I had shot on higway 63 near Visalia (if you look close you can see some graininess on the clouds). It took a few tries to get the two exposures right and I also managed not to have any visible overlapping. The technique is basic, but you don't know the results until you run the light sensitive paper trough the developing process. So there you have it, two pictures in one with out computers or photoshop.

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