Saturday, May 16, 2009

Back from Moonhill

So I set out to go shoot some landscapes. I headed towards Moonhill right before sunset. I found a spot near Vispilio (that is a whole different conversation, I will explain later) I have visited times before. I shot for close to one hour and once the sun was only visible by it's reflection on the clouds, I decided to pack up and head back home. As I drive away I noticed the blue tint of the clouds was changing by the minute. I realize that in only a few moments the lighting on the sky could be great for a photograph, but how to shoot it? I left the small bridge coming up as my only opportunity. Now this ain't no fancy bridge, but a mere cross-over for a current of water used mostly for irrigation. I get there in less than 10 minutes after leaving the hill. The sky was even richer in color than I expected. The water was calm and the reflection of the clouds was almost that of a mirror. I stopped, did a few test shots added a subject (Crystal, who earlier entertained herself by doing dance routines on the road while I shot) then took the last shot for the day. That ended up being The shot to keep. It is not uncommon for photographers to end up in situations like this. Sometimes nature decides what you are going to shoot.

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