Sunday, May 17, 2009

A challenge for you! (solved, congrats to James C)

Now that we are in the no photoshop/no computerized image topic (look below at "Gilroy near phantom curve" post). I decided to post a challenge. This picture you see here is also a 35mm black and white photograph. It was taken with a 1970s Cannon AE1 SLR camera. It is one single shot, and there is no darkroom trickery. The challenge; is to figure out how is it that the wine is almost jumping out of the bottle and landing right in to one of the the glasses (look at the angles). I'll give you a few tips: the bottle is a regular bottle (meaning it's not rigged with some contraption), the shot was taken as the wine was actually pouring and all the elements you see were present when the shot was taken. Remember no photoshop or any other computer program was used to crate the effect. Please comment with your ingenious theories.

In fact, if someone gets it compltley right, I will give you a price. A free print of any of the already posted images.

Disclaimer ( you do not qualify, if I've already told you how it was done).

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