Friday, July 3, 2009

What is Art? Cell phone Art?

What is Art? I'll never have an answer. Not needed, because its relative. About the photo(s) This is a compilation of CellPhone photographs. Inspired by commercial photographer Chase Jarvis. He believes there is at least 10 good possible photographs around you at any given time. And that the best camera is the one you have with you. True? Well, lets find out. All this photos were taken with in 1 hr time frame with a my cell phone camera. This time we have a bit of an mini-architectural-abstract feel. Plus I compiled it in a art installation form (does that make it more artsy? No you say! Ok).

I want your brief (long is ok too) interpretation/explanation of this "piece". Tell me what you feel when you see it for the first time. Very quickly analyze how you felt the first 5 seconds after you first saw it. Does it make you vomit or take more cell phone photos? Does it automatically bore you or do you find yourself staring at it for a while? etc etc... you get the point.

Also if you have cool cellphone photos please post the photo or a link. I'd be interested in seeing them.

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