Saturday, July 18, 2009

Vehicles painted by Smufs. (from photowalk)

(click to enlarge, I made this one Bigger!)

This was taken during the World Wide Photowalk Fresno edition (today). This year it included 30,000 photographers in hundreds of cities around the world. Fresno's was scheduled to start at the Zoo, which I have a love hate relationship with. The basic concept was to start at the Zoo and end at a local photo gallery (Spectrum Gallery). I device my plan to not spend all my time (2hrs) at the zoo and actually get out and find some street shots.
Minutes before the 2 hrs were done I found this blue motorcycle less than a block from the gallery. Plenty of bikes around town usually, but the paint in this one had a satin texture, which looked very soft. Possibly could make for a good picture. I figured it could almost produce the feel of fancy lighting equipment, making it a good candidate for a photo. I did take some animal pictures, including 4 legged ones, but this time we are sticking to the 2 wheeled one.

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