Thursday, March 1, 2012

Ohh Puebla

Puebla is a bastion of tradition permanently stuck in Mexico's colonial era. Famous for its Mole Poblano which by all accounts should be a denomination of origin and its Chiles en Nogada. Even more famous than its rich culinary history is the battle of Cinco De Mayo. I know you've had more than a few drinks celebrating this festivity every 5th of May. Only to curse it unceremoniously while the '6th of May hangover' reminds you that you did have to work that morning. Cinco de Mayo gets commonly confused for Mexican independence day, mainly due to the uprise in corporate sponsorship similar to St.Patrick's day. The truth is that it was a battle where Mexican general Ignacio Zaragoza successfully defended the fort of Guadalupe in Puebla in 1862. Roughly 2000 Mexican soldiers defeated and retreated 6000 Frenchmen. Many people seem to forget that a year later a reinforced French army took the city of Puebla until 1867. Go figure!

Saying its simply a city rich with culture would not do justice to all Puebla has to offer.
Here are some images of Puebla, its surrounding areas and its people:

The tallest church towers in Mexico raise from the center of Puebla's culturaly rich Zocalo. While famous active volcano Popocat├ępetl belches smokestacks in the distance.

The people are as interesting and intriguing as the city itself.

A traditionally dressed "Huehue" dancer rests after his typical carnaval performance.

At night the Zocalo area fills with even more people, artist, performers and street musicians.

Cholula is a town just a few minutes outside of Puebla. It is rumored to have 365 churches and the largest pyramid ever built. This church stands atop the pyramid which from a distance looks more like a hill than an actual pyramid. The lower part tells a different story. Excavations of tunnels and courtyards reveal a glance in to the past.

Overall Puebla is a great place to visit. Its relative short distance to Mexico City makes it accessible and even with is growing influx of tourists it keeps its charm and small city feel.

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