Saturday, January 16, 2010

Semi-Menacing please!

Frankie is a good friend and fellow music producer/engineer. He owns his own studio and keeps pretty busy with it now a days. He called me up wanting a new portrait. A semi-menacing look with out being too over the top. I saw a sample of the general idea and we were off. I often take an assistant to a photo-shoot and this case was no exemption. Instead of just a helper I was lucky enough to have the company of a good friend and photographer Jerry Gomez. I knew that in order to achieve the larger than live semi-menacing look, I had to use a wide angle lens and shoot from a low vantage point. That is exactly what we did. We found a few spots with in walking distance from Frankie's recording studio. I avoided the typical railroad track photo, but was not against using parts of the actual train that sat behind the studio. We also used two small metal pillars from what looked to be the remains of a building. The sky was overcast, which helped us in avoiding harsh sun shadows. We filled in with a hand held flash (sb800) thru a diffuser and violÄ! Jerry and I took a few turns shooting some images and we were happy with the results. I think we were able to not only capture what Frankie wanted, but go beyond that and make it better by adding our own twist.

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