Sunday, September 27, 2009

Behind the lens. (A quick how to recipe)

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Here is the set up for the picture above (for the one above the camera one). The basic concept is to get as close to the ground as you can. I simply let my camera rest on the rocks and used some of them to straighten out the frame. Use a wide lens or open your zoom to its widest. Mine was at 18mm set to f22 . I don't normally use "live view" (where you can see the picture composition on the LCD screen), but I used it here for a better visual explanation. I almost always put my eye right to up to the view finder, even if it means laying on my stomach. Beeing at f22 you would figure that most of the photo from foreground to background should be in focus. The difference here is that I am so close to the ground that the lens can't focus at such close distance (we are talking inches). You can see the lens staring to focus at less than one ft away from the camera and on. A wireless release was use to avoid any camera shake. Last, but still important was a circular polarizer filter that help give depth to the clouds and the mountains.

Try this, on the street or on short grass, you'll be amazed at the different perspective you get from this angle.

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